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VihtaVuori N310 Smokeless Powder (4 lb.)
VihtaVuori N310 Smokeless Powder (4 lb.)

Code: PDVN3104
Price: $122.99
Quantity in Basket: None

  Very fast burning and competitive with Alliant Bullseye and Hodgdon HP38. It has applications in a very wide range from .32 S&W Long wadcutter up to .45 ACP.

UPS charges a Hazardous Material Handling Fee for powder and primer shipments. To keep shipping costs to a minimum, powder and primers may be shipped together. Total powder weight cannot exceed 32 lbs. per shipping box. Total primer variety cannot exceed three types. Total shipping box weight cannot exceed 70 lbs. A Hazardous Material Fee per shipping box will be applied to all powder and primer shipments. This fee will not be reflected in your shopping cart but will be added to your total cost at time of shipment.